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  We sell NSF Certified liquid chlorine and powder chlorine products to meet compliance with government regulations and/or food processing standards.  The Buying Network sells complete systems from injection pumps, tanks and engineers the system for you.  We stock test strips and test kits to assist in monitoring and regulating your chlorine levels.
  Please contact for pricing on any of the below chlorine sanitation items:
Sodium Hypochlorite = Liquid    Calcium Hypochlorite = Powdered
12.5% liquid chlorine- 4x1gallon case
12.5% liquid chlorine- 5 gallon pail
12.5% liquid chlorine - 55 gallon drum
12.5% liquid chlorine - 220 - 330 gallon tote
65% Granular (powdered) chlorine - 25 lb pail
65% Granular (powdered chlorine - 100lb pail
65% 1" chlorine tabs - 100 lb pail
65% 3" chlorine tabs - 55 lb pail
  Due to high shipping cost, we only sell chlorine products in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska, and ship from Seattle, Washington
See the links above 'Using Chorine' for easy to use calculations on using chlorine for sanitation.