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The Buying Network is proud to be a SpillTech absorbent distributor. We have the best prices we can find anywhere! Be careful if comparing on price alone.
Atlas Fit Gloves
Superior fit and durability make Atlas Fit Gloves the most universal and widely recognized work gloves on the market. Blue, flexible latex palm coat over grey seamless
Rain Gear
You may call it Rain gear, Rainwear, Foul Weather gear or Oilskins, it's the same thing; Clothing you wear to keep you dry and we have different grades to choose from.
Disposable Gloves
& Dispensers
Disposable gloves are now widely used in all types of businesses and have started to find their way into our homes. You need to protect your hands from daily hazards
Aqua Shield Grease
Do you have a very demanding application for grease like bearings submerged under salt water? Aqua Shield (Formely AquaLube) grease is the product that has been selected
Food Processor
The Buying Network has thousands of supplies for the food processor. Ingredients, gloves, rainwear, aprons, hair nets, brushes, sanitation chemicals, stretch wrap, tape