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Responder Oil only absorbents

To soak up petroleum products but not water or water based fluids, use a plastic based oil absorbent like these. They float on the water, attract the oil and leave the clean water behind. These oil absorbent pads are a perfect solution for the marine and boating industry and other applications.

Ships engineers float them in the bilge to remove oil and call them Oil Diapers . So we have boat oil diapers, makes perfect sense when you think about it. This is the type that oil response teams use to clean up large spills.
Meltblown absorben contruction
Responder pads are of a Meltblown construction and are the quickest to absorb and are the most absorbent of all the different types, but sheds some if you use as a wiper or a mat on the floor.

We ship from five stocking locations from across the country to keep shipping time and cost to a minimum.!!!

Alaska and Hawaii customers - our low flat rate shipping cost on oil absorbents does not apply. Please contact us for a freight quote. All other items on this site are based on weight and are correct.
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Oil Absorbent Pads - WP100S Oil Absorbent Pads - WP100M Oil Absorbent Pads - WP100H
SingleWeight Pads / 100/pack / Absorbs 17.9 gal. MediumWeight Pads / 100/pack  / Absorbs 26.7 gal. HeavyWeight Pads / 100/pack  / Absorbs 33.4 gal.
Oil Absorbent Pads - WP200S Oil Absorbent Pads - WRS150M Oil Absorbent roll - WR150M
SingleWeight Pads / 200/pack / Absorbs 35.7 gal. MediumWeight Split Rolls / Size 15"x150' / 2 pack / Absorbs 50.7 gal. MediumWeight Roll / Size 30"x150' / 1 pack / Absorbs 50.7 gal.
Oil Absorbent Pads - WPK50H Oil Absorbent Pads - WRS150H Oil Absorbent roll - WR150H
HeavyWeight King Pads / Size 30"x30" / 50 pack / Absorbs 52.8 gal. / pack HeavyWeight Split Rolls / Size 15"x150' / 2 pack / Absorbs 63.4 gal. HeavyWeight Roll / Size 30"x150' / 1 pack Absorbs 63.4 gal.
Oil Absorbent Pads - WRS300S Oil Absorbent roll  - WR300S
SingleWeight Split Rolls / Size 15"x300' / 2 pack / Absorbs 67.9 gal. SingleWeight Roll / Size 30"x300' / 1 pack / Absorbs 67.9 gal.