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Defender Absorbents

Defender absorbents are a Bonded Oil absorbent and soak up petroleum products but will not soak up the water. They float on the water, soak up the oil and leave the clean water behind. These oil absorbents are used on boats, ships, yachts, shipyards, industrial and environmental applications and automotive shops. We also sell them to the print industry for presses and large commercial printers. They are white in color.

Defender pads and rolls are a SonicBonded
technology which produces a high-loft mat for faster, greater absorbency. Fuse the layers together with ultrasonic weld points and you’ve got a mat that sucks up to 57.5 gallons per roll and keeps its shape even when fully saturated. In other words, it won’t fall apart! Great for indoor spills where clean, dry floors are important for safety. Put the rough side down, the increased surface tension will keep it in place and the non linting side will be up where you walk.
Bonded oil absorbent construction
Alaska and Hawaii customers - our low flat rate shipping cost on oil absorbents does not apply. Please contact us for a freight quote. All other items on this site are based on weight and are correct.
*Oil Absorbents will ship from one of the following warehouses. Alabama, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Seattle-Washington or Texas.
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Oil Absorbent, SonicBonded - WPB50M Oil Absorbent, SonicBonded - WPB50H Oil Absorbent, SonicBonded - WPB100S
MediumWeight Pads / 50 pack / Absorbs 12.4 gal. HeavyWeight Pads / 50 pack  / Absorbs 14.6 gal. SingleWeight Pads / 100 pack / Absorbs 15.6 gal.
Oil Absorbent, SonicBonded - WPB100M Oil Absorbent, SonicBonded - WPB100H Oil Absorbent, SonicBonded - WPB200S
MediumWeight Pads / 100ct / Absorbs 24.7 gal. HeavyWeight Pads / 100 pack / Absorbs 29.1 SingleWeight Pads / 200 pack / Absorbs 31.1 gal.
Oil Absorbent, SonicBonded - WRB150M Oil Absorbent, SonicBonded - WRSB150M Oil Absorbent, SonicBonded - WPKB50H
MediumWeight Roll / Size 30"x150' / 1 pack / Absorbs 46.1 gal. MediumWeight Split Rolls / Size 15"x150' / 2 pack / Absorbs 46.1 gal. HeavyWeight King Pads / 50 pack / Size 30"x30" / Absorbs 45.3 gal.
Oil Absorbent, SonicBonded - WRSB150H Oil Absorbent, SonicBonded - WRB150H Oil Absorbent, SonicBonded - WRB300S
HeavyWeight Split Rolls / Size 15"x150' / 2 pack / Absorbs 55.2 gal. HeavyWeight Roll / Size 30"x150' / 1 pack / Absorbs 55.2 gal. SingleWeight Roll / Size 30"x300' / 1 pack / Absorbs 59.1 gal.