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When you have a spill outdoors or on the water, you will need SpillTech oil absorbent boom.

Our oil boom has a strong mesh outer cover that encases a poly sock with highly absorbent polypropylene.  This type of absorbent boom only soaks up oil based liquids.  They don't shed and won't sink when saturated with oil.  A nylon rope and stainless steel hardware keep them on the job longer.

Oil Boom ships as an oversized item and UPS charges much more for it.  Please contact us for a freight quote for four or more bales, The Buying Network will do what we can to save you money.

We ship from five stocking locations from across the country to keep shipping time and cost to a minimum.!!!


*Absorbents will ship from one of the following warehouses.  Alabama, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Seattle or Texas.

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Oil Booms by Spilltech - WB510SN Oil Booms - WB520SN Oil Booms - WB810SN
Oil Boom WB510SN
Price: $52.00
Oil Boom WB520SN
Price: $64.35
Oil Boom WB810SN
Price: $85.80
5"x10' / Count 4 / Absorbs 30.0 gal./Pkg 5"x20' / Count 2 / Absorbs 30.0 gal./Pkg 8"x10' / Count 4 / Absorbs 38.0 gal./Pkg
Oil Booms - WB820SN Oil Booms - WBB818
Oil Boom WB820SN
Price: $85.80
Oil Boom WBB818
Price: $64.35
8"x20' / Count 2 / Absorbs 38.0 gal./Pkg 8"x18" / Count 10 / Absorbs 18.0 gal./Pkg