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Customers today have been looking to save money anywhere they can, so Spilltech answered back. If you need the best priced oil absorbent, look no further. Don't worry, these are a US made quality oil only pad. Cost were saved by not finishing them the same way as some of the other premium oil pads and are just a little smaller at 15" x 18". They are constructed of a meltblown polyproplene and finished with dimpled bonding points and a perforation. If you have leaks or spills, these are perfect for you boat or shop. They may lint a little if used as a wiper.

Least cost oil absorbent type
Have you heard of the term oil diaper? Ships engineers lay them in the bilge to remove oil and they got nicknamed Oil Diapers. So they are a oil diaper for your engine, makes perfect sense when you think about it.

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Oil Diaper Pads by Spilltech - WPB100GL Oil Diaper Pads - WP100GL Oil Diaper Pads by Spilltech - WPB100GL
Medium weight HighLoft Pads / 100 pack / Absorbs 10 gal. Heavy weight HighLoft Pads / 100 pack / Absorbs 22 gal. Light weight HighLoft Pads / 200 pack / Absorbs 35 gal.