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Oil spills require different types of absorbents to clean up the mess.  PomPoms are excellent choice for heavy oil clean up.  They are made up of thousands of thin strand of polypropylene joined together to create a high surface area sorbent.  We have them in bulk and on a rope for quick deployment.

We ship from five stocking locations from across the country to keep shipping time and cost to a minimum.!!!

*Absorbents will ship from one of the following warehouses. Alabama, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Seattle-Washington or Texas.

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Oil only PomPoms - APMPM Oil only PomPoms - APMPM
Oil Pom Pom
Price: $84.50
Oil Pom Pom's
Price: $110.50
PomPoms/ 30 individual / Count 30 / Absorbs 11.6 gal. PomPoms / 30 on 50' rope / Count 1 / Absorbs 11.6 gal.