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Absorbents by Spilltech
The Buying Network is proud to be a SpillTech absorbent distributor.

When shopping around, be careful when comparing on price alone. The trick in the business is to give you smaller and lighter weight pads to get the bale price down. So the old adage goes well here, “you get what you pay for”. If you know what type of absorbent you want, jump to the top of the page and pick a type to review pricing.

You may call them oil diapers, oil pads, chemical pads or some other name, good news, we are talking the same thing. If you work in a machine shop, automotive repair shop, printing business, handle any kind of hazardous liquids or work around the water, these absorbents are for you. These absorbents will help you comply with 40 CFR 263.30(a) and 40 CFR 263.31
We sell absorbents of two types: hydrophobic and hydrophilic.

Hydrophobic absorbents resist water: they are selective absorbents. Oil-Only absorbents will soak up petroleum based liquids but leave behind water or water-based chemicals.

Hydrophilic absorbent materials resist no liquids: they soak up water-based and petroleum-based liquids alike. These are Universal / Chemical absorbents or HazMat absorbents.

We ship from five* stocking locations from across the country to keep cost to a minimum and quickly deliver your order.
*Adsorbents will ship from one of the following warehouses: Alabama, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Seattle-Washington or Texas.

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Oil Absorbent, SonicBonded - WPB50M Chemical Absorbents, SonicBonded - GPB50M HazMat Pads & Rolls - YPB50M
MediumWeight Pads / 50 pack / Absorbs 12.4 gal. Pads / Medium, 50 Count /  absorbs 12.4 gallon Chemical absorbent, Medium, 50 count / Pad - absorbs 12.4 gallon / pkg
Oil Diaper Pads by Spilltech - WPB100GL Oil Absorbent Pads - WP100S Oil Absorbent, SonicBonded - WPB50H
Medium weight HighLoft Pads / 100 pack / Absorbs 10 gal. SingleWeight Pads / 100/pack / Absorbs 17.9 gal. HeavyWeight Pads / 50 pack  / Absorbs 14.6 gal.
Oil Absorbent, SonicBonded - WPB100S Chemical Absorbents, SonicBonded - GPB50H HazMat Pads & Rolls - YPB50H
SingleWeight Pads / 100 pack / Absorbs 15.6 gal. Pads / Heavy, 50 Count  /  absorbs 14.6 gallon Chemical absorbent, Heavy, 50 count / Pad - absorbs 14.6 gallon / pkg
Chemical Absorbents, SonicBonded - GPB100S HazMat Pads & Rolls - YPB100S Oil Diaper Pads - WP100GL
Pads / Single, 100 Count /  absorbs 15.6 gallon Chemical absorbent, Single, 100 count / Pad - absorbs 15.6 gallon / pkg Heavy weight HighLoft Pads / 100 pack / Absorbs 22 gal.
Oil Socks - WSO410 Trucker Spill Kit / Universal Oil Absorbent Pads - WP100M
Oil Sock WSO410
Price: $30.80
Universal Spill Kit
Price: $31.20
Oil-Only Socks / Oil-Only Socks / Size 3"x4' / Count 10 / Absorbs 8.33 gal. Trucker Spill Kit / Universal MediumWeight Pads / 100/pack  / Absorbs 26.7 gal.
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